Minimalist Beach Gear

I’ve been trying to think of ways that minimalism has impacted us outside of the four walls of our home and on a recent trip to the beach, I discovered one.


$6 Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

What is a bathroom anyway? Well, to me, a bathroom should be your own little spa inside your house. It should be a place where you go to retreat from all of the outside world and it should be a space where you can go to relax and unwind even if just for a moment.... Continue Reading →

What Is A Professional Organizer ?

  When I tell people that I am a professional organizer they all get this look. It's a look of total confusion with a dash of intrigue. It's the same look no matter who I'm talking to or what the situation is, unless of course, they've heard of Professional Organizing as a profession.   SO...I... Continue Reading →

That Dreaded Closet…

So we all have that dreaded closet in our house. We pretend that it doesn't exist but no matter how hard we push it to the back of our minds it's still there. For me that closet was in my home office. After removing a huge sectional desk and downsizing to two smaller desks for... Continue Reading →

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