Tea Bottle DIY Simple Storage Containers


So this idea is something so simple that I’m not entirely sure it qualifies as a “DIY” but I thought it was a great idea and wanted to share it.

I recently tried this Argo green tea (which is VERY good, btw) and I loved how sleek the bottles were and I also loved that they were glass! With the exception of the plastic top, of course. I racked my brain for a good way to recycle them in my home once I realized that the logo and other information on the outside of the bottle was simply a plastic wrap and not printed on or glued to the bottle.

Once I had drank a few of them I simply ran them (and their lids) through the dishwasher with the label still intact.


Running them through the dishwasher seemed to loosen up the label somewhat so that made removing the label even easier and it wouldn’t have been all that hard to begin with so don’t think that the dishwasher step is a must because it definitely isn’t!

When I was ready to remove the label I turned the bottle around until I found where the label met in the back and one side is slightly higher than the other. This seemed to be consistent on all of the bottles which made it super simple to find a place to start ripping the label off.


You just pull and tear it off and that’s it! You won’t find any glue underneath…anywhere! Oh and please excuse my nasty fingernails, I had been doing yard work the same day.


Viola! A nice clean and simple storage container for whatever you decide to store! The only thing that might be a problem for some folks is the expiration date/etched logo on the lid. For me this was not a problem because of where I am using them (on a high shelf in my home office under another storage rack) but if you wanted them plain you could put some hot glue over the logo and let dry hard and then sand it off with a very light grain sand paper and then spray paint. This would eliminate both the logo and the expiration date and even allow you to customize the color of the lid!


I decided to use my bottles to store home office items like paperclips, chalk, and mechanical pencils but you could certainly use them to store any medium sized items that you see fit all over the house. They would work nicely in a bathroom for cotton swabs & Q-Tips or in the kitchen for tooth picks, excess spices, or even small utensils.


And there you have it! The finished product and without the time spent in the dishwasher the project might have taken 5 minutes at most. Now that’s my kind of DIY!

I hope you guys enjoyed this project idea and if you did let me know! And stay tuned for lots more fun, simple project ideas in the future!




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