That Dreaded Closet…

So we all have that dreaded closet in our house. We pretend that it doesn’t exist but no matter how hard we push it to the back of our minds it’s still there. For me that closet was in my home office. After removing a huge sectional desk and downsizing to two smaller desks for two individual work spaces most everything that was stored in the behemoth found itself shoved into this closet until I had eventually had enough.

So here’s what it looked like before…


I started analyzing this mess and decided what had to stay and what could go. After a brief clean out (only about a half of a kitchen garbage bag) I began to decided what pieces I could use to organize the space that I already had in it. The only major thing that I brought in was a red cart that I had but wasn’t using. It has three shelves and is perfect for storing things that I need for my online store. Plus it has wheels so I can roll it out when I need to use it near my desk and then neatly tuck it away when I don’t.

So once I had a plan in place I began to clear everything out of the dreaded closet. Here’s what I ended up with…


All that was left was a bed frame in a box (that sits neatly against the wall) and my vision board which I have cleverly pinned to said box.

Once everything was out in the middle of the room I could start replacing the stuff in an orderly fashion. This part is the most fun to me because it’s like a puzzle. Once I’ve found a place for everything I tend to let that be the home for it forever so it’s very important to me that I find just the right place for everything. Of course this changes as new things are brought in but you get the idea.

So here’s how everything looked once I was finished…


Not too bad if I do say so myself! I love the functionality of it and how I was able to place everything so that I can easily grab whatever I need without majorly interrupting my work flow. The top shelf that was already in place in the closet has items in the front that are used more frequently and I used the back of that shelf to store my organizational bins and canisters that I don’t need to access all the time. I also used the vertical space with a storage rack to really maximize the storage back there.


It was also important to me that I have the brown drawers organized on the inside. I used them to store office essentials that I don’t need all the time but still use rather frequently like my three hole punch, scissors, ruler, measuring tape, etc. They had previously housed a bunch of extension cords that I kept meaning to take to the garage but somehow always forgot. After putting those in their appropriate place I was able to really get the most out of the drawer unit. Here’s the before and after of that…

Before…                                                      After…

So that’s my story of conquering the dreaded closet! I hope that this inspired you to do the same in your dreaded closet or some other trouble spot in your house. It’s not that hard once you really get down to it and I feel so great after getting it done!





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