What Is A Professional Organizer ?


When I tell people that I am a professional organizer they all get this look. It’s a look of total confusion with a dash of intrigue. It’s the same look no matter who I’m talking to or what the situation is, unless of course, they’ve heard of Professional Organizing as a profession.


SO…I decided to make a post dedicated to explaining exactly what a professional organizer is/does.


In a nutshell, a professional organizer is someone who has specialized skills and/or training in the field of organization. Some professional organizers specialize in physical organization of spaces while others focus primarily on organizing peoples’ time and efficiency. Then there are those, like me, who provide both physical and, what I like to call, emotional organization.


So let’s break this down…


Physical Organization:

This can best be described as organizing your stuff (think-the pictures above). Professional organizers who work in physical organization help you make sense of your clutter and find a home for everything that you have while getting rid of the things that you no longer need or want to keep.


Emotional Organization:

This is a bit more broad. This can range from helping those with obsessive hoarding disorders (which deals with some physical organization as well) to coaching in time management or even more specialized work on a project or company work flow.


No matter what your organizational needs (and we ALL have them), you will more than likely be able to find a professional organizer who is able to help you out. There are a lot of great resources out there to help guide you to a professional organizer in your area, such as Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor. Just be sure to discuss the type of organization that you are needing help in before becoming a client so that there is no confusion.


More technically, a professional organizer is someone who works with you to create organizational systems that work for you based on your space and the needs that you have for that space. They not only help you get organized initially, but they set you up so that you don’t lose all of that progress the minute that they leave you in your beautiful new space.

They are also experts in helping you to complete your projects and reach your goals through the power of being organized. Much in the same way that they create systems for you to keep a space organized, they are able to help you organize thoughts and plans so that you never struggle through a project or goal again.


So now that you know what a professional organizer does, why not give it a shot? Look into a local organizer and give them a try. Have them come in and do just one area of your home or office and see if it’s for you. Or do a coaching session on Skype to organize your work flow and maximize all of that potential that’s just waiting to be unleashed from within you. I know you will love the results and you will be ready to have them help you get your entire life in order.






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